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Training levels

The following activities are to be used as a guide to training and HAA competition levels.


  • walk
  • stop
  • back up
  • left turn
  • right turn
  • over ground pole (single)
  • around a traffic cone

Level 1

  • All prelim activities, plus
  • through z-course
  • over ground poles (single and double)
  • weave through 5 bending poles / cones
  • stand 2 front feet on platform (low)
  • walk through aisle
  • walk over a tarp
  • small jumps <40cm
  • float loading (walk in, stand 30 seconds, back out)

Level 2

  • All level 1 activities going both forwards and some backwards at walk, plus
  • stand on platform (low)
  • curtain
  • through water
  • through a tunnel (enclosed or ribbed) (straight)
  • yield shoulders
  • yield hind
  • sidepass with groundpole infront
  • sidepass with groundpole under belly

Level 3

  • All level 2 activities going both forwards at trot and some backwards at walk, plus
  • stand on platform (raised)
  • over a bridge
  • larger jumps >50cm
  • jump through hoop
  • through a tunnel (enclosed or ribbed) (with bend)
  • over a see-saw

Level 4

  • All level 3 activities at liberty

Actual obstacle activities may be substituted providing the overall ‘aim’ of the obstacle is the same (ie: a ‘aisle’ could be gates, pallets, barrier mesh, flags, ropes forming an aisle for the horse to walk between).

The levels are designed to solidify relaxed handling of the horse before moving on to more advanced activities. Just like with other disciplines there is nothing stopping you from training at any level or tackling activities from any level.

To be certified at a level you will need to demonstrate all activities of that level to a Horse Agility Australia trainer who will be able to certify you at that level.

You can also download HAA Levels as a PDF file.

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