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New groups and coaches

We’re looking for more HAA coaches and groups Australia-wide. Most HAA groups are established by an accredited HAA coach.

Accredited Horse Agility Australia coaches have:

  • Demonstrated commitment to groundwork
  • Demonstrated commitment to kind horsemanship principles
  • Demonstrated experience in teaching horsemanship and groundwork
  • Commitment to promote Horse Agility Australia as an active groundwork sport for all
  • Commitment to all Horse Agility Australia standards and codes and agree to adhere to these at all times
  • Insurance covering them for training/coaching individuals and groups
  • A current first aid certificate (including CPR)

We strongly support existing coaches and clubs to include Horse Agility within their own program, by either running dedicated agility training days or at least facilitate agility alongside their existing activities. This keeps dollars in the local community and provides a framework of supportive members and the necessary insurances without duplicating what’s in place.

We also encourage the creation of new HAA clubs around Australia, and affiliating with Horse Agility Australia allows use all our obstacle design material and guidelines, along with use of our ‘affiliated group’ logo.

How to form an agility group

It’s often asked “how do we go about forming a Horse Agility affiliated group/club”, so we hope this will help give some guidance.

Affiliated Agility groups

established clubs or coaches with their own insurance can affiliate with HAA. Group facilitators and coaches are accredited by HAA and run sessions based on HAA guidelines.  HAA will promote the group online and with the provision of posters, media support, etc.

To be an affiliated group, we require you to:

  1. have someone who meets the requirements of an HAA coach (details above)
  2. adhere to Horse Agility Australia guidelines, standards and codes
  3. encourage participants to be members of Horse Agility Australia
  4. pay HAA-affiliation fees for affiliated activities.

HAA affiliation fees

Groups charge their members what is needed in order to cover costs, grounds, insurance, etc. plus a $5 ‘day fee’ for participants who aren’t members of HAA. This localised system allows clubs to chart their own course, to earn income for their club or trainer, and to develop horse agility as an active and vibrant sport.


An affiliated group decides to run a playday. They let HAA know and we promote via our website and facebook page. We also send full-colour A4 posters for the group to place in local saddleries, etc.

The group sets a price of $30 to cover their grounds rental, insurance, etc.

The day comes and eleven people arrive with horses – 4 HAA-members and 7 non-members:

This model provides financial incentive for groups and trainers to develop horse agility locally.


There are many options for group insurance. Trainers can obtain insurance through agents such as Affinity Insurance or AON that will cover agility activities, or they may be covered under insurance from another equestrian body. Existing clubs may already be affiliates with AQHA, AHSA, EA, Pony Clubs, ATHRA, HRCV, etc. and operate under that insurance cover. In all cases the trainer and/or group will need to ensure the insurance covers groundwork activities.

Obstacles and courses

Obstacles are a big part of agility. You can get ideas with this post about obstacles and courses, but the key to agility is variety – don’t get bogged-down on specifications for individual obstacles or the course, concentrate on the willing partnership with your horse and you’ll be able to tackle anything ahead of you!

Use of our Horse Agility Australia logo

Use of the logo is restricted.

The Horse Agility Australia logo is a trademark and we will take steps against anyone using the name or logo without authorisation. The good news, however, is if you follow the steps above then chances are very high we’ll credit affiliation to you and you may use our logo. All affiliated groups are listed on our website and if you know of a group using our name/logo without approval, please let us know.

It is only the logo that is trademarked and the name “Horse Agility Australia” so any group or club is free to use the term “Horse Agility” to describe activities that encompass horse agility, whether it be based on our information or other’s.

Let us know you’re interested:

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