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Obstacles and courses

Horse Agility comprises a variety of obstacles (like better-known dog agility) for the horse to complete, at the higher levels this is timed. A selection of ten of these comprise an agility run.

Ground poles

– using standard ‘jump’ poles
– 2.4 to 3.6m in length

  • – pass through two poles (750mm apart)
  • – back through two poles (750mm apart)
  • – pass through Z-shape pole course (1m apart)
  • – back through Z-shape pole course (1m apart)
  • – yield along single pole, pole between legs
  • – yield along single pole, pole infront of front legs
  • – pass along single pole, pole between legs


– can be made from: standard PonyClub bending poles (PVC electrical conduit in concrete base), plastic traffic bollards with black-rubber bases or traffic cones (please buy these, don’t take them from roadworks sites!), or western bending poles.

  • Weave through course


– must be constructed to handle a horse’s weight safely with suitable surface to prevent slipping
– 900mm wide
– can be constructed from steel or timber frame, or compacted soil between sleepers

  • – seesaw (height of pivot 100mm)
  • – platform (height 300mm)
  • bridge (height variable, but generally 300mm for lower levels, 600mm for higher levels)
  • – ramp for bridge (max 3:1 ratio, so 900mm length for 300mm height, 1.8m for 600mm height)
  • – A-frame (ramp + bridge with height up to 1m in centre)
  • – Tractor tyre platform (filled with sand or soil)


  • – standard jump
  • – tyres
  • – barrels

Hoop (liberty course)

– constructed with flexible drainage tube and with breakaway points so the obstacle falls apart if hit.

  • jump through hoop


  • tunnel
    • Straight tunnel for lower levels (3m in length, 1m in width)
    • Bent tunnel for higher levels (4m in length, bend so horse cannot see straight through tunnel)
  • curtain
    • 1m width with curtain of fabric or plastic strips hanging down across the width
  • pass through stream/water
  • pass over tarpaulin
  • roll ball
  • pass through a gateway
  • pick up feet
  • stand still in circle
  • pass through a narrow gap
  • carry a light load
  • carry a rustling load
  • Float loading (float must be attached to vehicle, divider may be removed. Handler may walk in or stand outside).

Download obstacle specifications here (coming soon)

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