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Equine Agility International or Hevosagility (‘horse agility’ in Finnish) is a world-wide, growing sport.

In 2000, Kalev Tyllinen created Hevosagility in Finland. Since then loyal horse agility enthusiasts have been building this fantastic sport world-wide, and for FREE.

Kalev’s website explains:

Is it possible to control a horse without force and any equipment? What motivates the horse to co-operate? Agility provides a tool to test that.

You have probably seen or heard about the dog’s obstacle course, i.e.agility. Now, instead of dogs, imagine horses and the obstacles that suit their bigger size better.

The principle is the same: the horse will run the course free in certain order and in a set time. The handler is not allowed to touch the horse, but they may guide the horse with their voice, gestures, and body languague. The obstacles used are mainly similar as for dogs: hurdles and jumps, weave poles, tyres, cavalettes, tunnels, an A-frame, a swing, a water jump, a table…

There are also some special tasks for horses like canvases, a paddling pool, a trailer for loading etc. Agility is ideal for young horses, and for the older horse it will certainly offer a welcome change – not to mention the owner!

Horse Agility Australia is strongly committed to equine agility for anyone who wants to do it.

  • We acknowledges each country has their own rules and regulations and each is free to tailor agility to suit their own conditions.
  • We want people to train and compete in agility worldwide – you won’t be forced to join an overseas organisation just to do agility.
  • We allow carrying a stick or whip as an extension of your arm, but not to contact the horse.
  • We work with established equestrian clubs and trainers along with new Horse Agility clubs will run their own agility training and competitions locally.
  • We encourage everyone, anywhere, to engage in the sport of Horse Agility and want the sport to expand world-wide – not control it.
  • We do not withhold information, everything we produce is licensed under Creative Commons copyright allowing anyone else to use it for non-commercial purposes free of charge.
  • We work closely with other agility organisations world-wide.

plus our Australian locations

Stay tuned for more information on global equine agility.


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