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We’re busy setting up Horse Agility in Australia!

Corowa agility group’s bridge obstacle

Horse Agility is an incredibly exciting way to work with your horse on the ground.

If you can’t or don’t ride, or if your horse is unable to be ridden for whatever reason, Horse Agility is perfect!

Horse Agility comprises a variety of obstacles (like better-known dog agility) for the horse to complete, at the higher levels this is timed.

Horse Agility tests your horse’s physical and emotional fitness and tests your ability as a trainer to keep your horse traveling safely over the course effectively and with grace.


Horse Agility builds confidence in both horse and handler/rider, it creates a strong, rewarding, relationship with your horse on the ground that can be transferred into your riding should you wish.

Horse Agility Australia is not a new club for people to join, but a new sport that any existing clubs can bring into their program for both training and competition. We’re finalising information as quickly as we can, working on defining agility obstacles, and will soon have information about putting together competition courses and training days.

Our plans remain for clubs to freely run training days to encourage groundwork and agility, and to coordinate sanctioned competition days feeding back to the Australian National Horse Agility League and annual awards program. Stay tuned! =]

We’ll be talking with PC, ARC, Breeds and AgShows to schedule comps as interest picks up.

What we stand for is:

  • We acknowledges each country has their own rules and regulations and each is free to tailor agility to suit their own conditions.
  • We allow carrying a stick or whip as an extension of your arm, but not to contact the horse.
  • We work with established clubs to ensure insurance coverage for training. Existing equestrian clubs or new Horse Agility clubs will run their own agility training locally.
  • We encourage everyone, anywhere, to engage in the sport of Horse Agility and want the sport to expand world-wide – not control it.
  • We do not withhold information, everything we produce is licensed under Creative Commons copyright allowing anyone else to use it for non-commercial purposes free of charge.
  • We work closely with Hevosagility organisations world-wide.

Horse Agility Australia is a registered trademark, licensed by Andrew Hennell to Horse Agility Australia Inc., all rights reserved.

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  1. Hi together,

    We had a course last year with kalev. and since then I myself am setting up courses and getting the word spread about horse agility in Switzerland.
    Just now I found your site and im fasinated finally meeting another horse agility team that has the same Idea as I do. I was in contact with the GB Horse agiltiy club but as I saw where that is heading in the last months Im making more and more a wide turn around them, as for me that isnt horse agility. but live and let live 🙂

    Anyhow I wanted to ask you guys if we could keep in touch and when questions or comments arrive we can contact each other. As you have information on the page that I dont have yet, if I can just adjust them to my site (about Kalev, your principles etc. ) and new ideas. I could also send a link to your site. Or my big question at the moments are around the obstacles?! How to build them or make them so that people can use them etc.

    So this for now, hope to hear from you

    Geraldine Schmid

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