Not enough obstacles? Doesn’t matter!

Mailbox – we had this enquiry from someone starting an agility group

I still havent been able to find a tractor tyre yet, only have basic obstacles to start with – is this okay? I dont want people to get bored!

The primary aim of agility is to have an active, willing partnership with your horse – so having this obstacle or that isn’t important, nor are obstacle specifications.

If people lead their horse through and past all manner of things without pulling on the lead, then they’re well on their way to being agility practitioners 🙂


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  1. Colleen says:

    If you go to a tyre place, Beaurepaires, Tyrepower, Bob Jane, etc, they will most likely give you an old truck or tractor tyre.You might just have to promise not to burn it as that is illegal.

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