Obstacles and courses

We’ve adopted much of Finland’s work in this area, but we’re being very flexible. Flexibility is the key to a well-trained agility horse. Nature is anything but uniform,it offers variety and challenge. An obstacle is just that, an obstacle – other than guidelines for safety, it can be anything.

A platform could be a tractor tire filled with dirt, a pallet topped with plywood, or a timber/steel podium. As long as it’s a platform!

Likewise for a ‘bridge’ – in lower levels, there’s no reason why it can’t be simply an elevated earth section held in place by sleeper logs, or a number of ply-topped pallets lined up on the ground. Later on that could be lifted higher, or progress to a built bridge section.

The agility course can be laid out however suits the terrain, and an obstacle may be used twice in a course run if needed.

The key to agility is variety – don’t get bogged-down on specifications for individual obstacles or the course, concentrate on the willing partnership with your horse and you’ll be able to tackle anything ahead of you!

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  1. Deb says:

    Awesome! thats what I do, our ‘bridge’ to start with will be 2 x hardwood pallets, and Im looking for an old tractor tyre for our platform :o) plus bending will be with cones, and we are putting a hoola hoop on ground and horse has 2 front feet in middle and moves their hind around full circle without taking front feet out of hoop :o) our jumps will be 1 x a small log jump and other is a cavaletti..
    We will be building a doorway to hang streamers on out of polypipe (safest), and our streamers will be the plastic fly things they use on doors :o)

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